How to Use the Analytics Dashboard

Our system is easy to use

Transaction Analytics

1. Click on the Analytics tab. 

2. Here you can check stats such as Unique visitors, Page visitors, Orders placed, etc. 


3. The Conversion rate analytics section

   -   Order conversion rate: Orders submitted / Unique views

   -   Payment conversion rate: Payment submitted / Orders submitted

   -   Total conversion rate: Payments submitted / Unique views



4. This section divides your orders into different categories



5. This section divides your visitors by region.



Daily Traffic Analysis

1. The Daily Traffic Analysis page allows you to see data for unique and page views



Page Conversion Rate Statistics

1. This section shows unique views and page views, for the entire site and also for just the product pages.

2. The graph breaks down unique views per page



3. This section shows which keywords are popular on your WeChat store. It also displays web page data for each individual product




4. This section breaks down your visitors by region.




5. This section breaks down your visitors by system device and browser.




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