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How These Top Luxury Brands are Prepping for Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and top brands are gearing up for the big holiday, which falls on February 5th this year. Top brands such as Gucci and Longchamp have already launched unique new product lines to commemorate the Year of the Pig.

We talk about how brands are prepping for the holiday and give tips.

Gucci looks to Disney inspiration to launch retro-style pig designs

Gucci is taking the year of the pig in stride, launching a 9,900 RMB Three Little Pigs-themed wallet to commemorate the new year. The design is a retro throwback to Disney’s classic Three Little Pigs story.

Gucci customized its mini-program specifically for the occasion. There are animated pigs on the front page, as well as serious-looking models standing around with pigs.

Source: Gucci WeChat Mini-Program

Source: Gucci Official Website

Analysis: Gucci’s approach this year was great. While many Chinese consumers may not necessarily recognize Disney’s Three Little Pigs reference, the designs and styles are appropriate for the Year of the Pig. Chinese customers have also been humored by the pictures of pigs everywhere.

Longchamp partners with long-time KOL partner Mr. Bags to launch pig-styled handbags

Longchamp has taken the year of the pig in stride, partnering with its long-time KOL partner Mr. Bags to launch a new collection of pig-adorned handbags. The collection consists of bags in black, pink, and transparent colors.

Longchamp’s WeChat mini-program highlights the new product collection. Mr. Bags also held an offline promotional event with his fans, in collaboration with Longchamp. In partnering with Mr. Bags, Longchamp has chosen a respected voice in the handbag world that customers trust. Mr. Bags regularly launches co-branded collections that give off an air of exclusivity, since these collections are relatively limited in number.

Source: Longchamp Official Website

The above picture shows Mr. Bags holding a small pig in a joint promotion with Longchamp. Source: Mr. Bags Official Account

Analysis: Launching a collection specifically for Chinese New Year conveys the brand’s dedication to its Chinese customers. Additionally, working with top KOLs and hosting offline events with fans is a great way to improve brand engagement. Offline events play a key role with branding, especially for luxury goods.

Coach is using flash sales to sell its pig-themed clutches

This year Coach also rolled out pig-themed bags and accessories, using its flash sales mini-program to highlight the new line. Flash sales mini-programs are easier to access and only contain a few SKUs, making it easier for customers to make impulse purchases and share with friends.

Source: Coach WeChat Mini-Program

Pandora allows customers to customize their own bracelets and necklaces with pig ornaments

This year jewelry brand Pandora’s mini-program encourages its fans to customize their own bracelets with Chinese New Year-Themed accessories. Customers can add pigs, dragons, and other trinkets to celebrate the new year.

Source: Pandora WeChat Mini-Program

Analysis: Allowing customers to customize their products can help them feel more engaged with the brand. Adding a Chinese New Year theme was a creative way to do this, and Pandora nailed it this year.

Key Tips

1. Red and gold are key colors for Chinese New Year, as they represent prosperity and joy. Colors to avoid would be white, which represents death. In fact, during Chinese funerals the participants generally wear white costumes.

2. Package together gift sets for Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is the one time of year where people go back to their hometowns to meet old friends and family members. It is fairly common for people to bring back gifts for their loved ones. Providing gifting options for customers is a good strategy that retailers such as Sephora have done well.

3. Use cute cartoon art to appeal to Chinese consumers. In the West, people prefer ads adorned with real-life models. In China, it is much more common to use anime-like cartoons to promote advertisements. Cutesy pig designs on products and advertisements will do much to help you connect with Chinese customers.

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