I'm finished with my trial account. How do I set up a permanent mini-program store?

Read this if you want to set up a permanent mini-program store

Frequently asked questions

I’m done with my Wechat Mini-Program trial account. What now?

The trial mini-program store you created was under our WeChat account. Now, you must use your own credentials to register for a new one with WeChat, and wait for the WeChat team to approve it. If you don’t have a WeChat official account, we encourage you to get that set up first (corporate service account), and then register for a mini-program account. Both can be signed up for here (https://mp.weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/registermidpage?action=index&lang=en_US&token=) If you have an existing WeChat official account, you can log in and use it to sign up for a mini-program. Sign into your wechat official account platform here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/ and click on Mini-Program management (小程序关于) on the left hand bar. Make sure that your account is a corporate and not personal account; WeChat does not allow personal accounts to run e-commerce operations

Once you finish registering for it, and it’s been approved by WeChat authorities (this takes a few days), you can submit it for review to us, and we will affix it with cross-border payments capabilities. Then you can log into the mini-program through our platform and start setting up your shop.

I don’t have a WeChat official account. Do I need it to create a mini-program?

For e-commerce, yes! You need a corporate WeChat official account (service account) registered under a non-China entity. WeChat does not allow personal accounts to sell e-commerce through mini-program stores. As an aside, every brand/retailer needs a WeChat official account first as it is used to attract followers and push content. WeChat mini-programs as standalone entities cannot build a follower base nor push content. Think of WeChat official accounts as brand pages (such as in Facebook), and mini-programs as stores that are attached to them.

I already have a WeChat official account. How do I create a mini-program and bind it to my official account?

WMPs, while they can be bound to an official account, are separate from official accounts and need to be registered for separately. Log in with your official account and click on the MiniProgram Manage page to register for a mini-program store (it will be bound to your official account) You can attach multiple WMPs to a single official account, and also multiple official accounts (up to 100) can link to a single WMP. Your account can singlehandedly create 10 mini-programs, or link to three different mini-programs under different entities. For example, a popular China influencer may use his official account to link to three different brands’ mini-program at the same time. Up to 100 official accounts can officially be bound to and link to a WMP store. For example, a WMP store can hire up to 100 influencers to link their WeChat official accounts to the store. The influencers publish content, and drive traffic/sales to the store.

Can you just apply for the WMP for me?

No. You need to apply for the mini-program under your service official account.

Should I apply for the WMP under my personal wechat account?

You should use your WeChat official account to apply for a mini-program. If you use your personal account, you won’t be allowed to run e-commerce operations; WeChat doesn’t allow it.

How do I attach cross-border payments to my WMP?

We will do this for you. Please provide us with your mini-program’s developer ID (APPID) and we will bind it to the right wechat pay account. You can find the developer ID by going to the MiniProgram Manage page, and clicking on the mini-program. Make sure you’re not sending us your official account’s developer ID (this is different) Once we bind your mini-program with our cross-border payments solutions, you can test if it’s working by creating an item of nonconsequential value (0.01 RMB) and test ordering it.

I’m registering for a mini-program store and they’re asking me to describe my intentions. What can I sell or cannot sell through a WMP?

You cannot sell food-related items. If you input this when you’re applying for a WMP, WeChat will not approve. Milk powder is a gray-area product - don’t mention explicitly that you’re selling milk powder. But after it goes through, you can still do it.

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